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The Pensacola Bay Concert Band (PBCB), founded in 2014 by Greg Vannoy and Tony Chiarito, is a non-profit 501(c)(3), year-round, adult concert band and is organized as part of the New Horizon’s International Music Association. We believe this band fills the missing link in the concert band scene downtown as we provide an opportunity to anyone: From those who have graduated high school to senior citizens who have stored their instruments from long ago. The PBCB offers an exciting and rewarding place to play and perform in a traditional concert band setting. Currently, only we offer this opportunity; audition-free admittance at any skill level, for concert band musicians, performing medium/intermediate repertoire, located in downtown Pensacola.

We believe that the PBCB is another positive contribution to the community in a vibrant and growing downtown. We are proud to be supported by two well-known downtown staples: Our music supporter is Schmidt’s Music through their instrument rental program; and our community supporter is Christ Church Parish through the use of the rehearsal space (although this band is a secular organization).

The PBCB in an all-volunteer band, currently self-supported through nominal monthly donations, determined by each member according to what they can afford (donations cover: refreshments, office supplies, and new music purchase). The band is relaxed, friendly, and welcoming, with no auditions or competitions.  All skill levels are welcome. Rehearsals are held on Monday nights at 6:30pm – 8:45pm and are lighthearted, yet conducted by professionals in their field in a fun, easy to follow plus easy to understand manner. The band is currently playing medium-easy to medium concert repertoire. We perform three concerts per year (May, November, and December). Our concerts are free! We only ask our audience to bring non-perishable food items for admission which we will donate to the Pensacola Manna Food Pantry. So if you believe that this band may be right for you, you should... 

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